Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Botanical Goals and Objectives

I created this blog to be a digital version of the botanical notebooks that everyone gets to do in elementary/middle school. You know, the ones where the teacher made you collect 100 different types of leaves or flowers, and identify and catalog them. I grew up in the desert, so there weren't a ton of trees/plants/flowers hanging around; therefore, no botanical notebooks in my nascent years.

Now I live in Northern California, and the living things are in abundance. I toyed with the idea of starting a tangible botanical notebook, but I don't have much experience with pressing flowers or leaves, nor did I want to go plucking things from trees and bushes. In addition, I did not want to be arrested for picking something that is illegal to pick (e.g., the California poppy).

So the purpose of this blog is to digitally identify and catalog the local flora. Maybe some people will read, maybe not, but I feel that as long as I keep my eye on the original goal, I won't be hurt that I'm not making new friends :).

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